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to the virtual horseregister

Founded by the residents of Vesland. Made for everyone!

This register will save you a lot of work hunting for lost URLs. Every registered horse will get a short page with basic information, pedigree and offspring. You also can see previous owners, breeders, german tournament results, if a horse is for sale or breeding porpous and a lot more! Every time a horse gets sold, the preowner and the pre-URL will be saved. If the horse will get offline or lost at some point, maybe some data can be restored from a previous page.

No one is forced to use this register, but everyone can! For some it is already a basic need for their horses or to breed with others, others just use it to find lost horses or get the results count. And then there are others, who don't use it at all. All of that is fine. If you find a horse of yours but you don't want them in here: No problem! Just send the request and it will disappear.
Remember: It will not harm you or your stable to have your horse saved here.

What do I get out of it?

How do I register a horse?

How do I change the information of a horse?

How to I tranfer a horse?

Small Tip: All forms have explanations. Just read the text before filling out information and you will most likely not do anything wrongn.

There is a daily backup of the register. You can download and save them here.

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